Formaldehyde-free Keratin Smoothing Treatment designed to greatly reduce or eliminate frizz

Cezanne promises never to use harsh chemicals and have the documentation to prove it. Our product delivers extraordinary results with no trade-offs. Cezanne treatments are 100% formaldehyde-free. They’re also free from other aldehydes, all toxins and any harmful ingredients, yet are as long-lasting as the formaldehyde keratin treatments in the same category. Cezanne treatments are non-toxic, naturally safe and effective. There are no vapor or fumes, so no need for masks or ventilation during the treatment.

Hypoallergenic and dermatologist tested, Cezanne treatments won’t irritate the scalp or release any noxious gases. They strengthen the hair using a revolutionary low pH technology that restores bonds that are broken or damaged during thermal, mechanical or high pH services.

Cezanne changes the hair without the damaging effects of formaldehyde, an ingredient in other smoothing and straightening treatments.

With this treatment, clients enjoy smoother, frizz-free, more manageable hair and the stylist is able to apply Cezanne without any breathing or eyesight difficulties from noxious gases.

cezanne keratin treatment

beautiful results lasting 3 – 5 months



Can you keep your Curly hair with keratin treatments?

The answer is YES! With Cezanne Keratin Smoothing you can!

Yes, it works great on natural/kinky-curly hair and can be applied directly over relaxed hair. For women who are natural or transitioning, it will reduce bulk, soften hair and define curl. Cezanne will reduce frizz and deliver smoother, more manageable results.

Any hair type and texture—no matter how colored, bleached, highlighted or damaged—can receive Cezanne Classic Treatment. Cezanne can also be applied over other chemical treatments such as Japanese straighteners and relaxers.

Our proprietary smoothing treatment formulation is composed of Aloe Vera, Sericin, Keratin, Glycolic Acid, vitamins, and botanical extracts. Cezanne’s unique blend of ingredients improve manageability and strengthen the hair. Our proteins seal in moisture, add luster, protect bonds, and lock hair into a smoother form.

 Some advantages of Cezanne:

  1. Ability to color hair the same day before or after Cezanne treatment.
  2. Hair still holds a curl after treatment.
  3. No waiting period, meaning you can work out, swim, wash your hair, use pins and wear hair ties immediately after the treatment.

before keratin treatment

Before Cezanne

after keratin treatment

After cezanne

curly hair after keratin

top – Before Bottom – 3 mo after cezanne in curly state



cezanne keratin 

cezanne keratincezanne keratin


cezanne keratin