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Hairology, a little knowledge can save your hair

We’ve all been through it. You get your hair lightened to blonde, or get highlights and you have those pretty pale blonde pieces that don’t exactly feel so pretty. They feel crispy and dry, almost like a dried up leaf. You use your moisturizing shampoo and conditioner regularly and maybe even a masque now and then. They help, but once you wash and style it, and use your styling tools and products, and the hair gets exposed to the elements, it’s dry again!  You wonder if you should just stop being blonde. You don’t have to go to that extreme. When you lighten your hair, it removes pigment, and thus compromises its structure and condition. But don’t despair, there are ways to be blonde and still have healthy hair.

Your hair has the same PH level as your skin. Both suffer from the same issues. If the water you use is too hot, it becomes drying to both your skin and hair.

Tip #1: Turn down that water temperature when you wash your hair..AND your skin. You will notice a difference.

You use moisturizer on your skin and leave it on before applying your makeup. Do the same for your hair. If it is as dry as we are talking about, trust me, it will soak it right up.

Tip #2: Personally, I use Ponds Moisturizing Cream on my face (affordable). When my hair has areas that are really dry, I use my Ponds cream on it while it’s dry, not wet, and it softens it immensely without making it oily. I do the same for my scalp when it gets dry and it is quite soothing. Any moisturizer will do.

You wash your hair daily (not a good idea) because it “gets too oily” if you don’t. What you need to know is, your scalp has sebaceous glands that create that oil. It has properties to it that are intended to nourish your scalp AND your hair to keep it from drying out, and make it healthy. But when you wash it every day, it never has a chance to do its job. It becomes like a vicious cycle. You wash it because of the oil, but it then produces MORE oil to replenish what was washed out! Then you spend oodles of money on Argan Oil, or Moroccan Oil to give it shine and moisture.

Tip #3: DON’T WASH YOUR HAIR EVERY DAY! There is no hard and fast rule on this. Two to three times a week is plenty. Once you get into this habit, the oil production will lessen. Comb through your hair regularly to ensure the entire hair shaft benefits from this natural oil.

Are keratin smoothing treatments really safe?

Don’t be fooled when the label states “formaldehyde free”. There are different chemicals that are a form of “aldehyde” that when heated to a certain temperature (like with a flat iron) create harmful fumes.  These fumes can be carcinogenic and just plain bad for your respiratory system. As a responsible hairstylist, I have to consider my health and the health of my clients and anyone else within the salon. For this reason, I will only consider doing this service if I am confident in the product’s integrity in its labeling (as with any other chemical service). Please take the time to read the information in the links on this page before you take the step to have this service done. It may save your health…and even your life….don’t kill yourself searching for beauty…Be your own kind of beautiful..

 I offer Cezanne Perfect Finish Smoothing Treatment to my clients. Click below for information:

Cezanne Perfect Finish Keratin Smoothing Treatment