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See above how Kevin Murphy is participating in cleaning up our oceans and saving sea life from plastic waste

Luxury Hair Care  

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Kevin Murphy presents Super Goo for those hard to hold short styles


Check out how Kevin Murphy’s Killer Curls cream can show off your curls with beautiful definition and shine

Kevin Murphy’s Plumping line is a game changer  to give your hair  volume and density 


Kevin Murphy’s Colouring.Angels  is perfect for keeping your color/tone perfect between color services

Kevin Murphy’s Repair.Me line is phenomenal for restoring the protein and health to your hair without brittleness

Kevin Murphy’s Heated Defense is a game changer  to give your hair ultimate protection from your hot tools

Got frizz? See how Kevin Murphy’s Smooth Again products turn frizz into smooth fabulous hair


Kevin Murphy’s Retouch.Me is great for in between color retouches to temporarily cover your grey


Does your hair feel damaged and dry? Check out Kevin Murphy’s Hydrate.Me masque to restore hydration


Looking for a quality pomade? Kevin Murphy’s Knight Rider is great for today’s progressive men’s styles.

mens cut styled with kevin murphy knight rider